Psychic Insights and Horoscopes for December 2014

Personal Guidance for December: All aboard! A lot of trains are pulling out in December, opportunities are wrapping up, and time is flying by. Get as much done as possible, no fooling around with people or things that feel like they’re side-lining you. Deliver it in December, don’t get distracted. Yet the month is not all about taking care of business: there tend to be breakthroughs in meaningful relationships, and families can get closer or more real with each other. aquarius horoscope

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Fire signs: ‘Oh my god, what have we here? Straighten out all your messes. Deal with all your belongings. Sweep up the shavings of yesteryear. Be one with your bright future as you sweep, and as you “fetch wood and carry water.” There is a lot to do and then you’re clear and feeling great about the new year.

Sagittarius gets a special message… “Who me? Yes, you! Understanding you is a lifetime job. Pay attention to what shows up now. Can you see it as a reflection of your growth in the last 2 or 2 ½ years? Notice your progress has amounted to more than the sum of its steadily growing parts. Believing in yourself adds immeasurably to what’s already a positive work in progress: YOU.”

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, Water signs: Things are moving fast in your life! We’re here to tell you about all the surprise events, and how so many things can work in your favor. That’s the best way to look at it: Negotiate, negotiate, and be nice to deal with. Expect to encounter better-quality people, but you’ll also run into difficult people. Be willing to take others into consideration with as much aplomb as possible. Grace is always going to work better for you.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, Air signs: (From a healing spirit attracted to your inner and outer changes): “Be at one with the new spirit within you, that brings new ideas clearly into focus and expands upon them, and gives you a new lease on life. You have new places to go, new ways to interact – and there’s a lot waiting for you around some faraway corners. Take with you all the knowledge you’ve gained, and be at one with the world – go in peace.”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: If you have pushed people away, now’s the time to make amends. If there’s any understanding about the past that will bring relief, ask the Universe to bring it to you, be open to pacifying answers. Make this how you begin the New Year, a year in which you will be an even more clear and loving partner. There are new responsibilities to deal with up ahead. They actually require your lighter heart – that’s what it will take to be more successful.