Your Disorganized Office May be Costing You Money

John is a busy, self-employed, plumbing contractor. His business keeps him in the field five to six days a week, so the only time he has to take care of paperwork is in the evenings and on weekends. He shares his home office with his wife, who works outside the home, but also manages the household business from this office space as well. All the management details of his small, but growing business are up to John.

John is a typical small business owner working from his home, and like John, you could be losing money because you do not have simple and efficient office systems set up in order to manage paperwork. You may be paying penalties for late payments, important paperwork could be lost in piles of unopened mail, and then there is the wasted time just trying to find things. Your small business office is the nucleus of your business, the center where new orders and paperwork are being generated daily. 오피

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are now more than 18.3 million home based businesses in the United States and 53% of small businesses are home based.

Is the story of your office one of efficiency and productivity, or is it a sad story of loss and confusion? If your office is in a state of confusion, there are four key areas of your office that you can improve right now and take your business to the next level.

Time Management

Develop a time management system so that precious time is not wasted going in circles because you don’t know where to start. Time management is not about working faster – it is the practice of spending more time on the right things. Prioritize your time, and learn the difference between important and urgent. Important tasks help us achieve long-term goals. Urgent tasks may need immediate attention to avoid a crisis, but are not necessarily important in the long term.

Make a list, but limit it to six items or less, otherwise you may be overwhelmed. Eliminate distractions, schedule time for planning, and learn to use some kind of calendar, day planner or PDA.

A Filing System

You need to be able store and retrieve documents efficiently. This includes paper and computer files. Each business has it own filing needs, and each business owner has their own work style, so develop an appropriate system for your business needs. You should be able to put your hands on any given document, or piece of information in 30 seconds, or less.